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Intranet software: functions, comparisons, and getting started

Modern intranets at a glance. What can and can't they do? Find out why more and more companies are turning to mobile intranet software solutions like Flip.

Intranet - the most important categories and providers

Not all intranets are the same. Some intranet software focuses on collaboration, others on mobile use. The following types of intranet are available:

Which social intranet software fits best?

Which software suits you and your company best? Find out below.

A table showing different Intranet software in comparison

Why use an intranet?

Put simply? That's exactly why - it's simple. Without an intranet, finding information is much more complicated. An intranet not only informs - it directly increases employee satisfaction. Figures show that many employees are currently dissatisfied or even actively looking for a new job. Why? Lack of information, communication, and appreciation, among other things.

McKinsey reported that employees spend 20 percent of their weekly working time looking for information. It doesn't sound like much, but that adds up to 8 hours per week.

Digital communication works

Digital communication saves time

Studies by McKinsey prove that intranet software saves time. On average by up to 35 percent, because information becomes searchable and employees find answers to their questions faster.

6 Problems with classic intranet software

  • Complex use - Lack of user-friendliness is probably the biggest problem of classic intranet software. Too many functions, unclear navigation, and no clear structure. The result? Low usage figures.
  • Limited exchange - The focus of a classic intranet is information sharing. Articles, news, and documents do have their place there. However, what is missing is interaction, chat exchanges, and relationship cultivation. Another reason for unengaged intranet users? Top-down communication instead of bottom-up.
  • Limited mobility - Classic intranet software is made for office workers. But what about frontline workers on the production line, in the field, etc.? Very few solutions are optimized for smartphones. This means that around 80 percent of employees worldwide aren't reached.
  • Limited integration - A classic intranet is usually a stand-alone solution meaning that not all other applications in the company can be seamlessly integrated. This makes collaboration difficult and affects efficiency.
  • Difficult to scale - Your company is growing. But can your classic intranet grow with it? In most cases, the answer is no. They cannot be easily scaled for size and complexity and become even more irrelevant. 
  • Low usage rate - The sum of all problems. Intranet software that's complicated and not very user-friendly will not be used. It's as simple as that. The solution to this? Know the users' needs and introduce software that offers real user value.

Conclusion: Intranet software is designed for office workers

Fact: Intranet software can increase satisfaction and improve the flow of information. However, it forgets about one important target group: operational employees and frontline workers.

Another fact: Intranet solutions are developed for the office. However, almost 80 percent of employees worldwide don't work in an office, but at the cash register, in production, in the health sector, or elsewhere on the front line.

Practical Guide: Intranet Software for Companies with Many Operational Employees

Intranet software comparison: Is an employee app the better intranet?

With an employee app, you can reach all employees. Even your operational staff. The advantages compared to intranet software at a glance:



Developed for smartphone use

Suitable as a Digital Workplace

Works Offline

Optimized for Operational Employees

No Configuration Necessary


Your questions, our answers

Functions of a modern intranet software

The best reasons for an employee app are our functions. Simply inspire and involve everyone. From the office worker to the operational employee.

Smartphone on blue background


Quickly up to date: Find out all the latest news from the company in the newsfeed - and save time distributing and receiving information in the process.

Two speech bubbles from different directions on blue background

Individual & Group Chats

Help yourself: Increase efficiency and quality with individual and group chats. As easy as in private messenger, as secure as a private conversation.

File with unordered list on blue background


Apply for leave, submit sick leave, register for company events, order work equipment - all within an app. The forms can be created without IT experience.

Rectangle with a downward arrow on a blue background

File Manager

Save and distribute documents quickly and easily. Very uncomplicated with the file manager. Optimized for smartphones - and frontline workers.

Circle with a checkmark on blue background


Simply tick off the clutter and structure work processes better. For yourself, others, or entire groups of employees. Easy to implement with the Task Manager.

Two people on blue background

Staff Directory

Find the right contact person for every question in seconds - and get answers. Including an individual profile with the right information.

Getting started with intranet software: this is how it works

Whether it's intranet software or an employee app, the figures show that creating a plan for introducing your new software makes sense. Our overview shows which functions it should have. Our tried-and-tested 7-point plan shows you how to successfully get started with the software.

Step 1: Analysis of the requirements

Determining the goals and needs of the company and the employees.

These companies rely on modern mobile intranet software

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