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Your tools can do more. With the right platform

Flip changes everything – without the pain. Use your tried-and-tested systems just like before. We make them accessible to everyone, on their own terms. After all, if you want to centralise content and harmonise system landscapes, you don’t need the latest all-in-one tool – you need a platform that integrates existing tools. This is precisely the principle behind Flip. One company. One app. One operating system for deskless employees.

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Automate the flow of information

Worry about content. Not about systems

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Synchronise content

Connect to the intranet

With Flip, you increase the reach of your content and reduce the effort – even when running (social) intranet and the employee app in parallel. Is a topic important not only for administrative purposes, but also for staff on the ground? Flip automatically synchronises this in Flip from the intranet. No need to maintain multiple systems or to distribute additional information in circulars or on bulletin boards.

Dock SharePoint

SharePoint lives up to its name when combined with Flip. At last you can share content with everyone, not just office-based employees. All information that is relevant to deskless employees is sent to the right Flip groups automatically.

Link to Microsoft Teams

We know what deskless workers need – and what office workers don’t: another tool. Flip can be integrated into Microsoft Teams so that employees can work without disruption.

Integrate support tickets

It may look like a message in a messenger app, but it’s an internal IT ticket. Flip synchronises posts from the app as tickets in systems such as Jira. The ticket status is then updated directly in Flip. Whether on the helpdesk or as a user, all status updates are simultaneous.

Establish digital signage

Greater visibility for your message thanks to Newscast: Flip displays selected content on info screens in your break rooms or in your canteen. Turn internet-enabled TV screens into digital signage without having to get additional software. QR codes take staff directly to the app.

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Illustration of different integration possibilities in the Flip App
Illustration of different integration possibilities in the Flip App

HR and workforce management

Flip boosts more than information. Flip boosts your productivity

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Staff scheduling

Up-to-date shift rota always to hand

Plan shifts in your tried-and-tested system and share rotas automatically – without data protection notices, WhatsApp groups or manual corrections. “I didn’t see it” and precautionary overstaffing are a thing of the past. If the shift rota changes, employees know about it within minutes.

Record time from anywhere

Time recording shouldn’t take time or effort. With Flip, your employees can access your time recording tool at the push of a button. Anytime, anywhere.

Take control of payroll

Digital payslips can be quickly accessed directly via the employee app: what used to come in the post now comes digitally, saving you both time and money.

Holiday requests? No stress!

Submitting holiday requests should be as easy as booking a hotel online. Flip integration means that deskless employees can do both on a single device with just a few taps.

Stay in bed and report your sickness

When you’re sick, the last thing you want to do is send out sick notes by post or email. In future, your employees can self-report sickness from their private smartphone.

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Daria Ezazi, Head of Corporate Communications, toom
Daria Ezazi, Head of Corporate Communications, toom
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"We want to create added value with our app and display shift rotas and employee cards. Communication alone would not be enough."

Daria Ezazi

Head of Corporate Communications toom

Employer branding & bonding

If you want to retain employees, engage them

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Feedback and employee engagement

Inspire employees

Companies with committed employees are 23% more profitable and have up to 43% less staff turnover, according to a Gallup study. But only 14% of employees actually feel committed. Flip helps you make sure that yours do. Maximise knowledge, generate ideas and get feedback. Integrate survey tools, e-learning, employee benefits and referral programmes with ease.

Share knowledge

A picture says a thousand words. And a video says thousands of pictures. Spare yourself and your employees from writing and reading lengthy PDF guides. Integrate your e-learning tool into Flip and maximise knowledge in easily digestible formats across devices.

Reward performance

Show your employees how much you value them. Strong employers bundle their benefits in one place: Flip ensures that employees always have access to all added benefits. Your benefits portal and personal discount cards can be accessed at the push of a button.

Generate ideas

Thanks to Flip, Europart collected 150 suggestions for improvement in the space of 12 months. That’s twice as many as in previous years, and 98% of these were so good that they have already been implemented. The vehicle spare parts specialist has already received two awards as a result. Will your company be next?

Receive recommendations

When it comes to personnel marketing, 77% of companies rely on recommendations from their employees. With Flip, your employee referral programme is finally mobile, allowing you to quickly fill positions away from your desk and save costs.

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Ellen Scheibl wearing a black blazer and a white shirt
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"Flip is much more than communication for us."

Ellen Scheibl

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Meet with an expert

Access your tools and topics on any device

Instead of creating new tools, create access for all employees: discussing how Flip can harmonise your system landscape and make it accessible to everyone is best done in person. Arrange a meeting with an expert