Modern social intranet: A powerful software solution for workplace collaboration

A modern social intranet transforms the way teams communicate and collaborate. Explore the features, goals, and providers behind the latest tool empowering the future of work.

Features & benefits: Why invest in a social intranet?

FAQs: What to know before making the leap

Social intranet alternatives: Discover a simpler, more intuitive solution

Social intranet vs. social network

We're all familiar with private messenger apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Around two-thirds of Germans use private messengers every day for entertainment, to get information, or to chat with friends and family. It's a similar concept for social media channels: They bring the world to our smartphones.

Social intranets are an attempt to bring this convenience and familiarity to the workplace with software solutions that feel like a social network within a company—with similar features, looks, and benefits. The biggest difference? The information on a social intranet is accessible only to the employees within that company.


The most important features of a social intranet

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Likes, comments, reactions—these help make a social intranet, well, social! With just the click of a button, employees can show how they feel about certain topics, lending them a voice.

How a social intranet can transform your organization

Why do companies use a social intranet? Consider this shocking statistic from McKinsey: Employees spend up to 20 percent of their weekly working time searching for information. Make information more accessible, more quickly, with a social intranet.

Beyond time savings, a social intranet boosts motivation, strengthens culture, and transforms your organization in these ways:

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Greater cooperation

A social intranet is where networking and collaboration thrive, helping you improve communication between employees and optimize efficiency.

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Higher levels of satisfaction

Social intranets boost satisfaction and motivation, creating a healthier team environment.

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More innovation

The social intranet fosters exchange; exchange generates ideas. This becomes the hub for new ideas and exciting solutions (in other words, more innovation).

Improved efficiency

Get work done with less time and effort spent. A social intranet makes information more easily and quickly accessible to all, which speeds up processes and conserves resources.

Stronger corporate culture

You'll have a platform to convey best practices, which reduces the physical and perceived distance between employees—and increases a sense of unity in tangible, measurable ways.

Better communication & information

Social intranets make it possible to update all employees at the same time. It's every company's dream: internal communication that's quick and easy.

Social intranet FAQs

In summary: A social intranet optimizes internal communication and collaboration

Many features of a social intranet are useful—there's no doubt about that. It's a communication channel you can access anytime, anywhere, and it increases employee satisfaction and motivation. But, let's face it: A social intranet has disadvantages, too.

The disadvantages of a social intranet:


Stand-alone solution with little scope for integration. A social intranet includes many functions—but not all systems.

Desktop-optimized instead of mobile-first, which ignores not only the usage behavior of most people, but also the 80 percent of employees who do not work in the office.

Flip-Guide: The social intranet for operational employees

A smarter, modern alternative to the social intranet: The employee app

89 percent of Germans own a smartphone, and they use it up to 2.5 hours every day. This means that the smartphone has now replaced the television, laptop, and PC as the most-used device. The figures prove it: The smartphone is firmly anchored in everyday life.

At work, however, things often look different: Only about 7 percent visit the intranet with their smartphone. The main reason: Most applications are still optimized for the desktop—and for office workers. Smartphones and operational employees are neglected.

For companies with many operational employees, the employee app is a much better alternative to the social intranet. Why?

Intuitive - No unnecessary functions. The feel is similar to familiar messenger services. An employee app is so simple that it needs no introduction.

Integratable - All programs bundled in one place. With one app, you bring all systems to your employees on the floor.

Smartphone-optimized - Clearly laid out even on a mobile phone. An employee app is first and foremost an app—developed for use on mobile devices, but also usable on a PC.

Features of a modern social intranet

Want a platform that engages everyone? An employee app combines the features of a modern social intranet with the simplicity of private messengers. Here are the features that bring added value:


Digital mood barometer

How is your workforce feeling? With surveys, it's no longer a mystery. Ask questions, get answers, and make emotions visible.

Chats & Groups

As simple as a private messenger

Intuitive and fast. Keep the helpful conversations flowing. Chats and groups optimize voting, regardless of time and place.


Clear the clutter

Manage tasks digitally, and structure workflows better—for yourself and others. You can create these quickly and keep deadlines in view.


Always informed

The newsfeed makes it easy to distribute and receive information. All the news in one stream.

Flip is a smarter social intranet built for your company. Let's discuss your needs.