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Employee App: Advantages, Experiences, Comparison [2023]

More and more corporations and medium-sized companies are turning to employee apps. Discover how employee app projects have transformed the employee experience at companies such as Porsche, Bosch, McDonald's Germany, GLS and many others.

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This data is based on employee app experiences from:

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Study results: challenges that can be solved by an employee app

High turnover of staff

74 percent of employees assume they're missing out on important information in the company, especially non-desk workers. A study by the Boston Consulting Group revealed at the end of 2022: If operational employees feel well informed by management, turnover decreases.

Inefficient flow of information

59 percent of communicators see the biggest challenge as ensuring effective employee communication. As many as 69 percent struggle to get an overview of staff concerns with no efficient system in place to share information, according to a Flip survey.

Low employee engagement

Only 21 percent of employees worldwide are engaged in work. The lack of employee engagement costs the global economy 7.8 trillion dollars annually (yes, you read that right). One reason: there is no feedback channel for non-desk workers.

An archaic work environment

80 percent of employees worldwide work without a PC. Only one percent of software investments benefit these employees. This is fatal in times of a shortage of skilled workers. A modern workplace makes a positive contribution to employee loyalty.

Improve staff retention with an employee app

How do you increase employee retention in times of skills shortages? A study from the Boston Consulting Group may surprise some: The main reason employees look for a new job is not salary – emotional needs are more important. This includes transparent communication and a strong feedback culture. A good employee app enables both.

Results of a BCG study showing the benefits an employee app can have

4 advantages of an employee app that matter

Gives internal communication the ease that users love

Sharing important information in several languages via notifications and notice boards? A humongous effort! An employee app makes this task much easier for managers and communicators. Information lands in real-time (in the correct language) on the personal smartphones of operational employees - DSGVO and works council compliant.

25 %

Greater identification with the employer

Flip-Client EUROPART

96 %

Recommend the employee app to others

Flip-Client Schwarzwald-Baar-Hospital

54 %

Faster roster distribution

Flip-Client EDEKA

Functions of an employee app with 97 % usage rate

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Finally, real-time communication with employees without a PC is possible. The personalized newsfeed delivers the most important information to the personal smartphone in compliance with the DSGVO and the works council. Segmented e.g., by location or role.

1:1 & Group-Chat

Make company communication as easy as with private messengers - and so secure that data protection isn't a worry. Your employees on the floor have a protected place for internal communication.

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Surveys & Pulse Checks

Surveys and pulse checks serve as a digital barometer of staff sentiment. They pick up signals before the grapevine sends them. This way you are always informed about what moves your employees.

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Task Management

Create and assign tasks, share images and files, and document work progress. In short: speed up processes and maintain an overview.

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Form Builder

Sickness notifications, holiday applications, registrations for company events. Create forms securely and easily without the need for IT support.

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Staff Directory

Get answers quickly instead of spending ages looking for solutions yourself. The expertise of the entire company is available to the employees on the floor.

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Everyone communicates in their native language and leaves the rest to the AI of our partner DeepL - the most precise machine translator in the world.

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Save your staff the hassle of searching for documents. The file manager ensures that folders are visible to the employees according to their respective roles.

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Photographed notices and invitations to private email addresses. All that is a thing of the past. Operational employees no longer miss appointments.

Integrations: the employee app as a digital workplace

Make your existing tools accessible to non-desk workers

  • Shift planning & time recording
  • Intranet & Microsoft SharePoint
  • Holiday applications & sick leave
  • Corporate Benefits & Employee Cards
  • and much more
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Connect MS Office

Display relevant SharePoint content directly in Flip for your employees. This way, non-desk employees can also access all content - without an additional license. You can also make Flip accessible to employees in the office via Microsoft Teams. This way, everyone can collaborate seamlessly but stay with their familiar tools.

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Integrate HR processes

Offer your employees on the floor the same convenience as your administrative staff - and save yourself all the paperwork. Your tried and tested HR processes, such as holiday applications, sickness notifications and payroll, run just as smoothly in the employee app as shift planning.

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Dock intranet

Until now, you had to communicate everything relevant to operational employees via notices or circulars - in addition to your SharePoint and intranet content. With an employee app, this duplication of work is no longer necessary. Integrating intranet content into the employee app and vice versa avoids redundant communication.

Not another tool? We understand you! An employee app like Flip connects all your existing tools to unite your employees.

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Illustration of different integration possibilities in the Flip App

How an employee app has contributed to our customers' success

Employee app as a success factor: How McDonald's makes it easier for employees

"I think it will significantly increase employee satisfaction if you can now not only view the shift schedule via the app, but even request a shift change," says Sandra Mühlhause, Chief Human Resources Officer at McDonald's Germany. Mühlhause is convinced: "By giving our employees the opportunity to give feedback, we better understand what our employees really need".

Europart: 200 innovations thanks to employee app

Innovation and communication in one app: Europart has been using the Flip employee app since 2021. Among other things, it allows employees to submit suggestions for improvement. 200 suggestions and an implementation rate of 98 percent show that it works. The company attributes 50 to 60 percent of the suggestions to the employee app. Europart has been named one of the most innovative companies three times in a row.

Conventional employee apps vs. Flip: the comparison

There are many employee apps out there. Almost all offer a combination of chat and newsfeed, based on messengers like WhatsApp and social networks like Facebook. The core promise: to improve internal communication.

Flip goes one step further: the employee app should not be another isolated solution, but an integration platform that offers all employees mobile access to already established tools.

Traditional employee app


Much more than communication

Focus on non-desk workers

Offline capability

Works council compliant

Hosted in Germany

Checklist for the provider comparison of an employee app

13 questions you should ask all employee app providers

Are you looking for an employee app? We have bundled the 13 most important questions that will help you choose a provider.

Why your employee app alternatives aren't working

Do we really need an employee app when we can use terminal PCs, info screens in the break room or executive communication instead? These are the three most common employee app alternatives and their challenges.

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Quick insights instead of a long search for alternatives

See for yourself why Flip inspires operational employees. We'll show you live how an employee app solves your use case.

How to make your employee app a success: Experiences from 200+ projects

Practice Guide: How to reach frontline employees digitally

Examples, checklists, study - everything you need to know if you want to involve your employees without a PC workstation in the same way as office workers. With experience from projects with Porsche, EDEKA, Magna and Co.

Free advice: the fastest way to a successful employee app


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Results from employee apps in the field