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Quick and intuitive communication for all points of sale

94% usage rate (of registered users)

38,300 users in Germany

2,263 branches are networked

Rossmann employees smiling while working

Interaction and community across all divisions

Anytime, anywhere: The employee app from Flip has been networking all ROSSMANN stores in Germany since the beginning of 2021 - contributing to targeted and efficient communication. With the introduction and establishment of the app, the drugstore chain responded to the need for improved communication and organisation between the more than 2,260 branches across Germany: Via the app, they can communicate with each other and share relevant information.

"We have established a fast and intuitive communication channel for all sales outlets that enables us to get in touch with each other regardless of location," says Michael Rybak, Managing Director of Dirk Rossmann GmbH, emphasising the relevance and urgency of modern, digital internal communication. The more than 38,300 employees in Germany can provide feedback and suggestions for improvement directly and easily. In this way, everyday simplifications, product tips or even customer feedback are shared across all store locations. Initially, the motivation and enthusiasm was so great that the system capacity had to be increased in order to be able to process the amount of constructive information. With the introduction of Flip, all sales outlets have not only gained a voice, but also the possibility to quickly exchange information with each other and with the district manager via chat.

Copyright of all images: Dirk Rossmann GmbH.

Michael Rybak looking friendly in a modern office building
Michael Rybak looking friendly in a modern office building

“With Flip's employee app, we have established a platform that connects our branches across Germany. This creates interaction and community across all areas of the company - something we can no longer imagine our everyday life without.“

Michael Rybak

Managing Director Dirk Rossmann GmbH

Initial situation

  • Inter-branch exchange only possible via telephone calls
  • 4 times a year printed staff magazine for new topics
  • Only top-down information possibility and no exchange


  • Establishment of a direct feedback channel for employees
  • Communication possibilities with colleagues from other branches or the head office as help on the sales floor and at the shelves
  • In some cases, potential improvements identified by employees are introduced throughout the Group
Rossmann store in a pedestrian zone


As the inventor of the drugstore concept in Germany, Dirk Roßmann opened the first store in Hanover in 1972. Today, ROSSMANN is one of the largest drugstore chains in Europe with 62,100 employees in Europe and 4,713 shops (as of 1/2024). With 23,000 drugstore articles, including 4,600 of the 28 own brands, ROSSMANN presents a particularly extensive range that covers all areas of daily life. The company is continuously working on making its products and packaging more sustainable. The ecological and social commitment is being further expanded in all areas of the company. Sales 2022: 13.9 billion euros (Germany 9.3 billion euros).

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