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Digital future for the REWE world

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The Flip effect: How REWE connects all employees

Before introducing the employee app, printing out emails and important information for employees and posting them on the bulletin board in the store was everyday life for the store managers & merchants like Michael Fröhlich. Communicating and exchanging information with all employees was not possible.

Especially in multi-shift work, this often led to confusion and office gossip. "Thank God that time is over now," Michael Fröhlich emphasises. Now he can enter into direct exchange with his team and also obtain feedback from the individual employees much more quickly.

In the employee app, the market employees can not only find all relevant information, but they can also exchange information with colleagues, other stores and the head office. Peter Maly, Divisional Director of REWE Group, emphasises: "The app is a real milestone for our future digital communication." The General Works Council was also part of the project team from the beginning and is very satisfied with the solution: "With the app, we have the possibility to communicate directly, securely and easily with our colleagues - even with our private smartphones." Gradually, all stores will become part of the digital information and communication at REWE.

Peter Maly managing Director of REWE wearing a blue suit
Peter Maly managing Director of REWE wearing a blue suit
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"The app is a real milestone for our future digital communication – in the stores, between the stores, but also between the stores and the head offices."

Peter Maly


Initial situation

  • E-mails and information are printed and posted on the bulletin board
  • No possibility of exchange in the stores and with the head office
  • Due to different duty schedules, it is not possible to reach all employees at the same time


  • A system with shared knowledge from all over the REWE world
  • All relevant information at a glance
  • Direct feedback channel for employees
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Company Portrait

With a turnover of 28.4 billion euros (2022), 160,000 employees nationwide and 3,800 stores, REWE Markt GmbH is one of the leading companies in German food retailing. The REWE stores are operated as branches or by independent REWE retailers. The cooperative REWE Group is one of the leading trading and travel and tourism groups in Germany and Europe. In 2022, the company achieved a total external turnover of around 84.8 billion euros.

Michael Fröhlich merachant from REWE in working clothes
Michael Fröhlich merchant from REWE in shirt and waistcoat
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"For me as a multi-business owner, it's quite essential that I can communicate with my teams, but also reach all my employees individually to get feedback much faster."

Michael Fröhlich

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