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Employee app as a success factor: How McDonald's makes it easier for employees

Around 65,000 employees nationwide

199 franchisees

1.43 million guests per day

McDonald's employee smiling and using his smartphone

An app that makes it easier for employees

As the largest employer in the fastfood industry in Germany, McDonald's is particularly keen to create an attractive environment for all employees. This also includes being a pioneer in digital projects: "I really see digitalisation as a lever, because we make many things easier for employees through digitalisation," emphasises Sandra Mühlhause, Chief Human Resources Officer at McDonald's Germany since 2018.

With the Flip employee app, all employees can be reached simultaneously and quickly for the first time. In addition, employees can now view the duty roster from anywhere using their smartphone. "I think it will greatly increase employee satisfaction when you can now not only view the shift schedule via the app, but even request a shift change," Mühlhause emphasises. The issue of employee engagement goes hand in hand with such an app as well. Mühlhause is convinced that "by giving our employees the ability to provide feedback, we better understand what our employees really need".

Sandra Mühlhause smiling at a desk
Sandra Mühlhause smiling at a desk

"I think employee satisfaction will improve a lot, as we can now see the shift plan and request to switch shifts - via the app."

Sandra Mühlhause

Chief People Officer McDonald's Germany


  • Not all employees can be reached
  • Crew members do not have company email access
  • Information to staff is printed out and posted in staff rooms


  • All employees are informed at the same time
  • The duty roster can be accessed from anywhere
  • Urgent information can be communicated promptly and directly

About McDonald's

McDonald's is an international restaurant chain that currently operates restaurants in 120 countries. The company was originally founded in 1940 by the brothers Richard and Maurice ("Dick & Mac") McDonald. The foundations of the company's concept were laid by sales representative Ray Kroc, who later bought the concept from the brothers and developed it into the gastronomy model with the highest international turnover. In 1971, the first German branch opened in Munich, and is still in operation today. More than 50 years later, the company is the market leading restaurant chain in Germany with about 1,450 restaurants, 199 franchise owners and around 65,000 employees. The company also stands for diversity: employees from over 100 nations work together in the restaurants. In recent years, the three market segments; Drive, Delivery and Digital have been particularly important for business development. McDonald's relies on a strong supply chain with local, national and international partner companies, with 61% of all raw materials coming from Germany.

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