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Communication across country and site boundaries

72,000 users worldwide

160 production sites

35 countries using the app

MAHLE Headquarter building outside

The Flip effect: How MAHLE connects all employees

MAHLE has been using the Flip employee app for global internal communication since autumn 2020. The most important global and country-specific intranet news, the latest posts from management, and all press releases are shared via the app. This means that employees who do not have access to other digital channels at MAHLE, or who simply want to stay informed "in between", always have access to company information.

With just two clicks, information, pictures, videos and other file formats are shared to all employees – either worldwide, or limited to individual countries or even locations. In this way, the content reaches the relevant groups in a targeted manner; at the same time. With the employee app, all employees are always up-to-date across locations, regions and countries.

An interface from SAP-HR to the app has been in place since mid-2022, making uncomplicated access to the employee app at MAHLE available to all 72,000 employees worldwide. An initial password with uniform logic makes registration even easier for new users.

Jörg Walz smiling in camera wearing a black blazer and crossing arms
Jörg Walz smiling in camera wearing a black blazer and crossing arms

"One look at their mobile phone is enough and everyone is up to date. Our employee app informs all employees regularly, digitally, and mobile ­– regardless of where they work."

Jörg Walz

Head of Digital and Live Communication MAHLE

Initial situation

  • No possibility to reach all employees at the same time
  • Production employees receive news at a delay
  • Need for all employees to be reachable via mobile devices


  • Same level of information across teams and locations
  • News and short-term changes can be easily distributed via the app
  • Mobile complement to the intranet as the primary channel for internal communication
headquarter MAHLE

Company Portrait

MAHLE is a leading international development partner and supplier to the automotive industry. Today, every second vehicle worldwide is equipped with MAHLE components. The product portfolio covers all important areas along the powertrain and air conditioning technology. MAHLE generated sales of around EUR 11 billion in 2021 and is represented in 35 countries with over 72,000 employees at 160 production locations and 12 major research and development centers.

Mario Giuliani of Mahle sitting with people in a black hoodie
Mario Giuliani of Mahle sitting with people in a black hoodie

"Thanks to the employee app, we can now communicate quickly and digitally, and it's also very easy to use - which is appreciated not only by our employees, but also by our editors who post the content."

Mario Giuliano

Project Lead Social Intranet MAHLE

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