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The Flip effect: How Babor connects all employees

The cosmetics company BABOR BEAUTY GROUP is investing in the digitalisation of its corporate communication and is networking its 800 employees across the company. The company already implemented the so-called INSIDE APP worldwide in spring 2022. The past months have shown that a functioning, especially digital, internal communication is fundamental for a competitive company. However, it was precisely this area that suffered from the rapid corporate growth of the BABOR BEAUTY GROUP. In particular, quick communication to the employees of the operational areas as well as to the employees of the subsidiaries on an international level were a challenge. 

With the Flip employee app, the deskless workforce without a company email address and PC workstation can now also be integrated into internal communication. In this way, a comprehensive internal company network will be established in the future.

Thanks to the app's automatic translation function, international employees can have posts translated into their native language in seconds. In this way, the BABOR BEAUTY GROUP wants to inform all employees and strengthen their sense of belonging. At the same time, the company is adding another piece to the puzzle for a successful future: "The internationalisation of the BABOR BEAUTY GROUP is our strategic focus for the coming years. For this to work smoothly, transparent communication to all employees is important – across continents. The INSIDE APP is the communication channel that connects production employees, the team at headquarters, store employees and the teams in the subsidiaries", Tim Waller, Co-CEO of the BABOR BEAUTY GROUP, explains.

Tim Weller in black suit with folded arms
Tim Weller in black suit with folded arms
Logo Babor Beauty Group

"The INSIDE APP is the communication channel that connects employees in production, in the store, the team at headquarters and the teams in the subsidiaries in a contemporary and user-friendly way."

Tim Weller


Initial situation

  • No company-wide networking & communication
  • Deskless employees were difficult to reach in terms of communication
  • No integration of subsidiaries and foreign companies


  • All employees can be reached via one medium
  • Uniform communication across continents thanks to translation function
  • Information can be distributed quickly and widely
Babor Headquarter

Company Portrait

The BABOR BEAUTY GROUP is an owner-managed, German family business, global player in the cosmetics industry and home to some of the most coveted international beauty brands. The heart of its success is the BABOR brand, one of the leading professional cosmetics brands in Europe. In addition, the portfolio includes various private labels. All products are developed and produced sustainably and exclusively in Germany.

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