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Flip is a crucial part for our internal communication

54 % faster distribution of shift plans

30 minutes time saving when setting up promotional merchandise

12 minutes daily time saving at the bulletin board

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The Flip effect: How EDEKA Südwest connects all employees

EDEKA Südwest has already been using Flip in personnel development for internal communication with dual students since 2018.

Until now, access to internal communication offers during the theory phases at the universities was often associated with hurdles. When the Corona crisis hit, for example, and organizational changes had to be made, the students could now all be reached easily with the help of Flip, and they were quickly informed about the next steps throughout the pandemic. The app is thus a suitable supplement to the classic channels that are often heavily used in retail, such as the bulletin board or direct communication with superiors. In the meantime, EDEKA Südwest also uses Flip with its trainees as well as a seminar group in the area of further education. Edeka Südwest is convinced by the simple integration and usability of the app.

Kathrin Busam lächelt in die Kamera und trägt eine Bluse in Taupe
Kathrin Busam lächelt in die Kamera und trägt eine Bluse in Taupe
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"The App is so intuitive and easy to use that Flip was used immediately. We think it's an important step in our increasingly digital internal communications strategy."

Katarina Busam

Team Lead Training & Studies EDEKA Südwest


  • No availability of dual students during the theory phase
  • Use of private, non-privacy compliant messengers
  • No possibility to distribute information at short notice


  • Due to good experiences and Flip's easy usability, the App was extended to other areas of personnel development
  • Modern exchange in simple handling based on familiar communication tools
  • Possibility of fast communication, independent of location and server access
Entrance of an EDEKA store

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EDEKA Südwest, headquartered in Offenburg, is the second largest of seven EDEKA regional companies in Germany. With around 1,200 stores, most of them operated by independent retailers, EDEKA Südwest has a nationwide presence in the southwest. The group of companies, including independent retailers, is one of the largest employers and trainers in the region with around 44,000 employees and around 2,850 trainees in more than 30 trades and dual courses of study.

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