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If you want your customers to experience great customer service, you need to make sure your employees are kept well-informed. That’s why Flip gets information flowing between management and employees in real time. Your employees don’t even need access to company devices.

Uniform appearance: everyone knows about the current promotions, stock levels and product details

Reach all branches in seconds: rotate information – not your employees

Integration of all full-time and part-time workers: flexible shift planning via app including holiday requests

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94 %

of employees use the employee app


54 %

faster distribution of shift rotas



users in more than 3,700 markets


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Live communication

Reach the right people straight away

You can communicate in a very targeted manner using an employee app: communicate with all employees, just the employees at a particular branch or with apprentices at all locations. Flip allows your people to ensure that their experience is unique and tailored. You can also ensure that they are part of specific groups such as store groups, department groups or wider company groups. It is simple to use and provides a familiar and easy UX for each and every employee.

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Shift plans and more made digital

Do away with printing

Organising shifts digitally, recording hours on a smartphone, submitting holiday requests via app: paperless processes reduce printing costs and boost flexibility. Those who deliver product presentations and training courses via the employee app will save sales managers from having to carry out some of their on-site visits.

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Feeling of togetherness

Retain employees, reduce fluctuation

The experience of Flip customers: employees network across branches and solve problems themselves which ensures that any key product issues which may be replicated across multiple stores can be tackled quicker, hugely reducing the time to resolve. Store managers, shop assistants, apprentices and temporary staff interact on equal terms – between each other and with the headquarters.

Benedikt Paul stands smiling in front of a shelf of goods
Benedikt Paul stands smiling in front of a shelf of goods
Logof from Edeka Paul, Edeka Habig and Edeka Otto

"We respond to problems, suggestions for improvement and praise so much faster than before and thus achieve an overall better quality for us and our customers."

Benedikt Paul

Managing Director EDEKA Paul EDEKA

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