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6 tactics to fight frontline shortages and foster well-being

Our world is changing. A global pandemic, economic uncertainty, record inflation, labour shortages, employee burnout, natural disasters — you name it, and the global population has been through it these past three years. While these disasters have affected everyone, frontline employees are particularly vulnerable because their jobs are often physically and emotionally demanding. This new report lends insights into how you as an HR or IC leader can address employee turnover and cultivate well-being.

Gather any 10 of your frontline workers into a room, and four of them have been thinking about quitting.

Labour shortage

Employees are missing everywhere

Many operational employees have left their jobs, with many more still thinking about quitting. Whether in the emergency room, at the reception desk, or at the cash register — there's a shortage of staff across all sectors.

Unfilled positions in production = unsatisfied customer demand

As a consequence of not being able to fill jobs, manufacturers say they’ll struggle to increase revenue, satisfy customer demand, and respond to new market opportunities.

Managers wash the dishes because they're lacking employees

Opening hours are being cut because 40% of food service jobs remain unfilled. In hotels, 43% of positions are open.

Wellbeing is already affected and opening hours are being cut

94% of retail employees are worried about how labour shortages will affect their roles and well-being.

How HR and Internal Comms can tackle employee turnover, staff shortages, and burnout

What's causing the problem?

The shortage of skilled workers didn't come out of nowhere. But what has caused companies — especially those with a large number of frontline employees — to now have to worry? And what are the most common reasons that employees quit?

How can you solve it?

Wondering how to promote and foster employee well-being? Our report gives easy-to-adapt answers to IC- and HR-experts that help combat employee turnover.

How are others doing it?

Role models make solutions tangible. The report takes a look at how two enterprises with large frontline workforces — McDonald's Germany and MAHLE — are turning crisis into opportunity with a heightened focus on employee experience.

6 HR & IC tactics to fight frontline shortages and foster well-being

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