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Great added value during the Corona pandemic

> 4.500 employees in the hospital

80% say "I am informed immediately about last-minute changes"

73% say "I receive all relevant information"

Nurse in blue coat operates surveillance screen
Logo Karlsruhe Hospital

The Flip effect: How Karlsruhe Hospital connects all employees

Since December 2020, the Karlsruhe Municipal Hospital has been using the Flip employee app.

The management can thus inform the 4,500 employees simultaneously and equally about all important news. Not least with the onset of the Corona pandemic, the limitations of the old communication channels became clearly visible and tangible. With the help of Flip, a large part of the workforce can now be provided with all relevant information easily and quickly. Via an interface, the posts also flow 1:1 into the hospital's intranet.

Claudia Arndt from Klinikum Karlsruhe with brown blazer and glasses
Claudia Arndt from Klinikum Karlsruhe with brown blazer and glasses
Logo Karlsruhe Hospital

"We're very satisfied. The app is so intuitive that there are no difficulties at all - especially for our editors who publish all the articles."

Claudia Arndt

Human Resources Karlsruhe Hospital


  • Exchange of information through regular newsletters & paper postings in the ward room
  • Many employees receive news later or not at all
  • Communication via private messenger services


  • Data protection compliant disclosure of information
  • Distribution of news in real time
  • All employees can be reached - even those without a work e-mail address or pc access
CT Room of the Karlsruhe City Hospital

Company Portrait

The Karlsruhe Municipal Hospital is the largest hospital in the Middle Upper Rhine region. More than 4,500 employees care for approximately 250,000 patients annually. In addition, it is a teaching hospital of the University of Freiburg. With 22 medical departments, four institutes, a blood donation center, a central emergency room and a pediatric emergency room, a comprehensive range of health services is available to the citizens of the region.

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