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How to drive enterprise-wide change with data

A webinar with DGFP

26th April 2024 | 11:am - 12:00pm CEST

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The agenda

What is it about?

[This Webinar is in German]

The digital transformation offers exciting new opportunities for HR management - and at the same time presents new challenges. How can companies approach digitalisation and leverage data to work more efficiently and become better employers? And what do HR managers need to consider when developing their data strategy?

This webinar provides practical insights into the effective use of data from HR and internal communication to actively drive organisational change and improve employee engagement.

Key Questions:

  • Data Collection: What type of data is captured by technologies?
  • Data Analysis and Evaluation: What are the best practices for analysing data from HR and internal communication?
  • Implementation: How can data-driven analysis be applied in practice to actively shape organisational change?

This webinar is aimed at HR professionals at all levels who are seeking practical approaches to proactively shape organisational change. By participating in this webinar, attendees will gain valuable insights and recommendations that enable them to effectively integrate data-driven measures and strategies into their daily work routines, thereby driving change within their organisations.

The experts

Who is going to host the webinar?

Marian Finkbeiner, Chief of Staff - Flip

  • Expert in strategy implementation
  • Strategy consultant for major clients at Flip
  • Experience from Germany's largest management consultacy

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