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Study results confirm the great benefit of Flip

100% say "I feel that I belong to the DHBW"

100% say "I can reach my course director well"

70% say "I can ask questions quickly and without complications"

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The Flip effect: How DHBW connects all employees

Since January 1st 2021, the management program of the Consumer Goods Trade Program at DHBW Heilbronn, led by Prof. Dr. Stephan Rüschen, has been communicating with all first-year students exclusively via Flip.

Private messengers and tons of emails have been replaced by the clear and intuitive app. Before, a lot of information got lost, and the management program had to communicate several times via different channels to reach and inform all students. In a comparative study with a student group that communicated without the Flip App, significant improvements and facilitations in communication were found. Among other things, the study showed that 100 % of the respondents fully agreed that they were able to reach their course director well (only 77.78 % in the comparison group without the app).

Stephan Rüschen is wearing a white shirt and a blue tie
Stephan Rüschen is wearing a white shirt and a blue tie
Logo Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW)

"The app has significantly improved and sped up communication. It ist so intuitive, you didn't even have to look at the manual for it."

Prof. Dr. Stephan Rüschen

Professor for Food Retail DHBW


  • The exchange with the students mainly takes place via private messenger
  • Delayed & time-consuming exchange between study program management and students
  • Lots of information get lost


  • The information I receive about my lecture schedule is up-to-date and relevant: increase of "strongly agree" from 40.74 % → 93.33 %
  • I only receive filtered information that is relevant to my course of study: increase of "agree" from 59.26 % → 100 %
  • I am informed immediately about last-minute changes to lectures: increase of "agree" from 66.67 % → 100 %
students in the university library
students in the university library

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The Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) is the first state-run dual, i.e. practice-integrated, university in Germany. With currently around 34,500 students and over 190,000 alumni, DHBW is the largest university in Baden-Württemberg. The central feature of the DHBW is its dual study concept with alternating theoretical and practical phases as well as the close cooperation between the university and its dual partners.

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