5–6 June 2024

HR Vision Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

HR Vision is the elite, boutique series of meet-ups, events, and forums that delivers inspiration, and funnels ideas and strategic solutions for HR leaders.

Venue: Postillion Hotel & Convention Centre Amsterdam, Paul van Vlissingenstraat 9-11

HR Vision Amsterdam

Speaking Session - Day 1 | 11:30 - 12:00

Think you’re reaching and engaging frontline workers? Think again.

A recent report from Gallup highlighted a concerning statistic: only 13% of employees feel actively engaged at work.

This low engagement poses a significant threat to employee satisfaction, productivity, retention, and ultimately, profitability. And despite many businesses prioritising employee engagement, they struggle to effectively reach and engage a significant portion of their workforce.

Why? Because most employee engagement solutions fail to meet the needs of frontline workers. To tackle this issue head-on, we went straight to the source.

Join us as HR technology expert Luke Boshoff dives into the research findings and shares actionable insights directly from the frontline workers.


Luke Boshoff, Head of Solution Consulting

Luke Boshoff, a technology enthusiast and advocate, champions transformative solutions that engage and enable employees. With over 14 years of experience with HR technologies including SuccessFactors, Cornerstone OnDemand and Workday, Luke has consulted and educated buyers on how they can adopt software applications to realise technology-driven business value. He has worked with companies from all major industries, identifying and implementing ways to transform their organisations.